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Swimming Pool Tiles

seahorseWe specialise in the re-ting of a pool. The fashion over the last 10 years or so has been to remove the old larger tiles usually 15 cm X 15 cm  and replace them with smaller 2.5 cm glass tiles. What is not usually known is that these tiles can range in colour from the now traditional shades of blue but now there is every colour from red to green to gold and a number of finishes too. So every pool can have it’s own individual look. We also custom make mosaics for either the bottom of the pool or the side walls. We can design something unique to you or your lifestyle. As well as conventional subjects like dolphins, compass points and sea horses, we have custom made mosaics in the shape of a guitar, a Harley Davidson, a piano, even the faces of grandchildren on the bottom of pools, but also added floral and sea weed designs dolphins etc on the side walls too. If you can think of a subject we can design something for you. In the sea horse example we have shown, look at the rounded and detailed edges. We do not know of anyone else that can offer this level of accuracy.

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